Of course, planning a wedding can be confusing – especially when looking at all the minute details you have to handle. And while you may not care that much about the straws in their cocktails and the napkins on their tables, there are many other Big Day elements that are truly important.

Your wedding photographer is one of these elements. At the end of the day, you want this unique event in your life to be immortalized in a genuinely professional and creative way – and hiring the right person is essential for this. Are you aware of the worst photography mistakes a great photographer will know to avoid? If not, read on and find out more.

  • Being self-conscious about the camera. An experienced photographer will know how to make you feel as if the camera wasn’t following you. This leads to pictures that are much more natural, candid and timeless – and eases off the stress on your shoulders too.
  • Not communicating with the photographer. Good photographers know how to guide their clients through the pre-wedding talks. From what types of photos you want (or don’t want) taken at your wedding, to the general “vibe” of the wedding photo album, a professional photographer will know how to “brief” you on all the important decisions you have to make in relation to his services.
  • Not having an engagement photo session. Sure, it may seem that your photographer is suggesting this because he’s paid for it. But, beyond that, most photographers advise clients to have engagement photo sessions for reasons much deeper than money. For instance, having an engagement photo session is a truly wonderful way of celebrating the ring you have just placed on your finger. What’s more, your engagement album can be your photographer’s “trial” and it can help you see better whether or not he is compatible with your own wedding style and personality.

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