Even if your guests spend almost all night on the dance floor instead of sitting down, your wedding tables are still a very important element of the décor – and they should really reflect your personal style, your wedding theme and your beautiful love story too.

How to create unique centerpieces for your wedding tables? Here are some ideas that will surely make your wedding stand out and be remembered for a long time from now on:

  • Floral runner. Replace the all-too-common wedding centerpieces with floral runners that fill the middle of the table with grace, elegance and uniqueness. For example, a floral runner made with lush white blooms and greenery will be the perfect complement for a rustic-chic wedding where tables are made of dark wood. A table runner made with vibrant colored flowers can also work wonderfully if you want to create a bright, youthful and energetic vibe at your wedding.
  • Frequently ruled out due to their “non-floral” status, succulents are still a very wonderful choice. Special, full of power and varied, succulents can look absolutely adorable when they are incorporated in wedding centerpieces – so you should definitely consider them.
  • Non-floral elements. You don’t have to limit yourself to a vase and a bouquet of flowers, if you don’t want to. Add crystals to create a really elegant centerpiece or, if you want to push this even further, create centerpieces entirely out of brooches and crystals – they will look gorgeously luxurious and glamorous!

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