Planning a wedding is always difficult – and not because you are not actually looking forward to the Big Day, but because there are a million-and-one details you will have to take care of. Go wrong with one of them and your wedding will be less like you planned it and more like the circumstances “have chosen” for you.

For example, choosing the right DJ is absolutely crucial. After all, this person will be the one to provide you with the “soundtrack” for the Big Day, so it is extremely important that you make the right decision.

What are some of the questions you should definitely ask your DJ before signing a contract? Read on and find out more.

  • Are you a full-time DJ, or is this a part-time gig? What’s more, do you specialize in weddings? Hiring someone who devotes his entire time to mixing at weddings will always be the best choice.
  • How large is your music library? With millions of songs in the world it is obviously crucial that your DJ has a grand playlist that will please all of your guests. Of course each guest probably won’t like each and every song played, but having a variety of different genres will ensure the satisfaction of all your guests and allow everyone to have a great time on the dance floor!
  • Will you be able to customize everything for my wedding? Also, can you help me create the perfect playlist? Working with a professional, experienced DJ can provide you with a lot of advantages – including the fact that he will actually help you coordinate the Big Day and the music behind it.
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have any back-ups in case anything goes wrong? Also, is there any piece of equipment I or the venue should provide? Be very clear about these aspects – the last thing you want is to hire a decently talented DJ with horrible (or incomplete) equipment.

Searching for an amazing DJ in Florida? Here at Sophisticated Gents Entertainment, we put your satisfaction above everything else. We will not only entertain your crowd, but we will also make sure we are properly coordinated with the caterers, photographers and all the other vendors at your wedding, so that our music seamlessly connects to your Big Day’s highlights. Contact us and find out more about our services!