Your wedding music is one of the most crucial elements of the Big Day. Good music can lift you and your guests up and make you feel amazing, while bad music has the power to make everyone want to leave as soon as possible.

Under these circumstances, you will want to be extra-careful when choosing your wedding DJ. But how do you tell the difference between an amateur and a truly professional DJ? What are the traits that distinguish them? Read on and find out more.

  • The planning. When working with a professional DJ, you can expect him/her to be really, really into your wedding day. He/she will listen to you and provide you with advice when you need it. But even more than that, he/she will become an integral part of your wedding planning – especially since the DJ will have to know when the major highlights take place, so that he/she can blend in the songs you have chosen for those moments.
  • The equipment. Amateur DJs may have some professional or semi-professional equipment, but most of the times it will be nothing like the pieces a professional DJ has invested in. Remember, a pro does this for a living so buying the newest and most amazing pieces of equipment is a must if he/she wants to stay on top of the trends.
  • The performance and the experience. Amateur DJs may have a good idea of how to “sense” the crowd, but they will rarely get people off their chairs the way a professional DJ does. The years of experience and the fulltime dedication of a pro will be noticeable every step of the way!

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