Your “Save the Date” cards are very important – especially since they will be the first wedding-related items your guests will come in contact with. How to make sure your cards are really classy and stylish, without lacking uniqueness, though? We have gathered some classic “Save the Date” ideas – so read on and find out more.

  • The elegant simplicity of pure white. Quality paper, a bit of emboss or engraving, a neat black font and good wording are all that you need to create “Save the Date” cards that are classy and very elegant. Don’t be afraid to settle for the traditional! Sometimes, less is indeed a lot more!
  • Just a dash of gold. Want to add just a bit of glamor to your “Save the Date” cards? Have the writing and the borders in gold. It will look very elegant and it will not make the cards look kitschy in any way. This is an option you really cannot go wrong with!
  • Pops of color work very well too. If you want your “Save the Date” cards to be both classic and full of positive vibes, add just a few dashes of color. For example, you could have your cards designed on a very simple, white background and you could have them bordered and written in your wedding colors (or just one of them, if you feel that all of them would be too much).

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