Your wedding should be absolutely magical for you as the couple tying the knot – but it should be truly entertaining for the guests as well. What are some of the wedding details that can really entertain everyone at the wedding? Read on and find out more.

  • Cityscape-inspired décor. Planning a modern wedding inspired by the beauty of the urban areas? If so, having your venue’s walls decorated with skyline illustrations (and including the same motif into the day-of stationery too) is a really great idea.
  • Non-floral centerpieces. Of course, flower centerpieces are really great – but what if you want your wedding décor to feel classier, more sophisticated and more luxurious than that? Lamps made with dripping crystals or other vintage elements can look absolutely stunning!
  • Unique Groom’s Cake. Want to give your groom the opportunity to show off his personality and the things he loves? Plan on having a very unique Groom’s Cake! Guests will love the idea and they will also love having options when it comes to the wedding dessert.
  • Mini-desserts. Speaking of sweet treats, if you don’t want to have a traditional wedding cake, you can replace it with small sized desserts – such as small glasses filled with delicious mousse or tiramisu-like treats. The guests will love them!
  • Non-traditional wedding altar. If you want to bring some of your own personality into the wedding ceremony, decorate your wedding altar with something you both love – such as guitars if you’re both fans of music or skateboards if you both like to skate.

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